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A well executed paint job can breathe new life into your home, inviting guests in with smooth colors and a professional touch that's sure to garner compliments. While searching for the right painting company can be rather difficult  at times look no further than Perfect Painting and Repairs where no project is too big and no detail is too small. We take pride in our residential painting and home improvement services. We promise to deliver an attractive finish to every room that we work in. 

What we provide

Kitchen Cabinets

If you are unhappy with the way your kitchen looks or just way past due for a change, allow us to come in and fix that. Maybe refacing, staining, or painting your cabinets is the most affordable solution for you.

Popcorn Ceiling Removal

Lets face it popcorn ceiling is out of style and it is not a simple and cheap to remove. Allow us to come in your home and take the mess off your hands. We deliver a process that gets the project done efficiently and affordably.

Carpentry Services

Not only do we provide excellent interior and exterior painting services, but here at Perfect Painting and Repairs we also provide carpentry services. We are skilled and experienced  in wood repair and replacement. 

Pressure Washing

We understand the importance of keeping a clean exterior and we go great efforts to insure that we restore your home’s appearance. Our professionals are experienced with handling all residential siding.

Exterior Painting

Investing into the exterior of your house is something that people wait to long to do. Well lucky for you we offer exterior painting that can transform your house and make it look brand new again.

Interior Painting

Repainting your walls and ceilings can be the least expensive method to change the feel of entire room. That’s why we are dedicated to give you a perfectly-done paint job that you can be proud of.

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Experience Paints Perfection

We Focus On Perfection, Quality Service, And Satisfaction

Perfect Painting and Repairs has over three decades worth of interior painting. Tim Herrin, the owner of Perfect Painting and Repairs, gained his experience under Quality Concepts. His professionalism and leadership has lead this company to where it is today.  Every painting job will be supervised by him to make sure that everything is done perfect and efficiently as possible.  We make great strides in order to minimize the impact of working in your home. We value your time and lifestyle during our time at your house and our efforts will reflect by keeping the area clean with the maximum of prep leaving the minimum of cleanup.

Why We Are Different

No Hidden Charges:

We provide clear and understandable total price at our customers' convenience. We specify what the cost will be before the job starts to prevent a hidden cost down the line. Each job will be evaluated thoroughly and priced fairly so that the price we offer is competitive

Professional Work:

We have been in the painting and renovation industry long enough to be able to complete any size project in an efficient and effortless manner.  Each project is completed in the contracted time frame and is monitored by our owner Tim Herrin. After the project is completed, there will be a final walk through with the customer to ensure complete satisfaction.

Customer Service:

We take great strides to make sure that when we leave a customer house that they are 100% satisfied with our work. If at any point that you become dissatisfied or have noticed a flaw within our work then you can trust us to hear your issues and concerns and we can come up with a solution to fix the matter. We love staying connected with our past customers through social media and emails!

Fully Licensed and Insured :

Perfect Painting and Repairs is fully insured for our customers and workers protection


Detailed Workmanship:

We strive to be perfect on every job. Our employees are trained to be detailed oriented and paint with perfection. While we are working at your house, we promise to keep the area clean as possible and respect your house. 


Respectful To Our Customers:

During our time at your house, we realized how messy our job can be. Our crews are considerate and conscious of the that. Our employees are trained to maintained a clean work area at all times.  At the end of the day, it will be spotless and seem like we were never there.

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